Hi, my name is Sara Rivka. Thanks for joining me here.

Born and raised in California, educated in New York and now living in the gorgeous rolling hills of Northern Israel with my Israeli husband and five children. I am an Interior and Graphic Designer by profession but have also worked in the clothing industry on 7th Avenue and in advertising in Soho.

I left a high profile designer life in Manhattan for spiritual pursuits and ended up meeting my husband in Israel. We have chosen to live in the North of the country to give our children a quiet upbringing close to nature and away from the distractions of commercialization.

I'm always thinking about how to even start tackling that list of dreams, though since a craft blog was on that list, at least I can cross one thing off!

In case you are wondering, yes, life in Israel is certainly very different from how I grew up, but the challenges and the rewards are what give life meaning!


Building a wonderful home environment for my family.Using my talents to give joy to others. Sharing and teaching my love for everything visual.